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The King’s Speech 2010 film review

The King’s Speech 2010 film review

The King’s Speech (2010, United Kingdom)

Running time
118 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 7 / 10

In 1939, King George VI, makes a public speech, but because of his stuttering the event ends in ridicule. And since it is the radio era, many of the British listen at homes to the speeches of the king. Older brother of George, Edward, was suppose to become a King of England, but after marriage with Mrs. Simpson he had to give up the throne. Then George was forced to takeover and decided to overcome his stuttering. His wife supports him in any way, she finds a diction teacher, an unfulfilled actor, who uses rather unusual methods. Their meetings often end up in arguments and returns, but it really is a story of true friendship and cooperation.

King George VI also deserves credit for his attitude during World War II - he and his family did not leave London and transmitted by radio appeals to his subjects that would give them encouragement. For that he gained great respect and affection of the British.

The film is based on facts, received 4 deservedly Oscars and many other awards and nominations. A little old-fashioned style, for it contains a lot of interesting and witty dialogue. Very good performance from the actors gives the film a historical authenticity.

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The King’s Speech 2010 add comment

Watch The King’s Speech

Watch The King’s Speech

Creators of The King’s Speech

Tom Hooper films

Tom Hooper


David Seidler films

David Seidler


Cast of The King’s Speech

Colin Firth films

Colin Firth

as King George VI

Geoffrey Rush films

Geoffrey Rush

as Lionel Logue

Helena Bonham Carter films

Helena Bonham Carter

as Queen Elisabeth

Guy Pearce films

Guy Pearce

as King Edward VIII

Timothy Spall films

Timothy Spall

as Winston Churchill

Derek Jacobi films

Derek Jacobi

as Archbishop Cosmo Lang

Jennifer Ehle films

Jennifer Ehle

as Myrtle Logue

Anthony Andrews films

Anthony Andrews

as Stanley Baldwin

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