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Guy Pearce film reviews

Guy Pearce

Australian actor


Rules of Engagement

as Major Biggs

Cabaret  2000

Vietnam veteran Colonel Childers is sent to Yemen to evacuate the ambassador and his family, but on the arrival they realize the situation is much worse they have expected.



as Leonard

Cabaret  2000

Man that can’t make new memories uses notes, tattoos and Polaroid photos to run his private investigation in search of his wife’s killer.


The Hurt Locker

as Sergeant Matt Thompson

Cabaret  2008

New leader of bomb disposal unit proves to be expert in his profession, but his maverick attitude causes a lot of tention.


The Road

as Veteran

Cabaret  2009

Father and son are travelling through the empty world destroyed by cataclysm. They have to avoid the only predators still alive - other people.


The King’s Speech

as King Edward VIII

Cabaret  2010

After the outbreak of the World War 2, King George VI must assume the burden of keeping up the spirit of the Britons, but what bothers him is his stuttering. He decides to seek help from a diction tutor, which will be a life changing experience for both of them.



as Peter Weyland

Cabaret  2012

Wealthy businessman organizes an expedition to far planet believing that there lays the cradle of human civilization.



as Snow

Cabaret  2012

Former CIA agent is forced to enter outer space prison and rescue a hostage. He doesnt know that the hostage is a daughter of US President.

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