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The Sting 1973 film review

The Sting 1973 film review

The Sting (1973, United States)

Running time
129 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★★★★ 10 / 10

1930s in the USA, two petty crooks decide to take revenge on the influential gangster for the death of their friend. So they invent scam of their lives - the bookmaker hoax in which they lure the mobster. The entire plot also involves a hired killer and the FBI agents.

Very good and intelligent cinema, contains many nuances and seemingly unimportant elements that biuld up a cleverly prepared puzzle. Great actors performances, remarkable story and climate, a lot of great scenes, music, elements of surprise, elaborate scenery. Very good movie that you can easily see more than once (even just to understand all the nuances). The film won an Academy Award in the category "Best Film" in 1973.

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The Sting 1973 add comment
The Sting 1973 add comment

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Watch The StingWatch The Sting

Creators of The Sting

George Roy Hill films

George Roy Hill


David S. Ward films

David S. Ward


Cast of The Sting

Paul Newman films

Paul Newman

as Henry Gondorff

Robert Redford films

Robert Redford

as Johnny Hooker

Robert Shaw films

Robert Shaw

as Doyle Lonnegan

Dimitra Arliss films

Dimitra Arliss

as Loretta

Charles Durning films

Charles Durning

as Lieutenant William Snyder

Dana Elcar films

Dana Elcar

as Agent Polk

Sally Kirkland films

Sally Kirkland

as Crystal

Ray Walston films

Ray Walston

as J.J. Singleton

Eileen Brennan films

Eileen Brennan

as Billie

Harold Gould films

Harold Gould

as Kid Twist

The Sting 1973 add comment
The Sting 1973 add comment