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Funeral in Berlin 1966 film review

Funeral in Berlin 1966 film review

Funeral in Berlin (1966, United Kingdom)

Running time
100 minutes
the story takes place in BerlinBerlinGermany
Our rating
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 7 / 10

During Cold War British agent Harry Palmer is sent to Berlin by his superiors. He is assigned to take care of the what seems to be another case of defection of Russian agent, who wants to escape to United Kingdom. But this time the defector is Colonel Stok, the highest Russian intelligence officer in East Berlin, who would be very valuable for western countries. The British are suspicious and want Palmer to check if the informations are true. Palmer meets Colonel Stok and everything seems to be legit, but Russian has one condition. He demands that Kreutzman would take care of his defection. Kreutzman is a specialist in smuggling people from East Berlin and became legend for his ingenuity and secrecy, escpecially when it comes to his own identity. Palmer uses his contacts to find Kreutzman and make the arrangements for the defection to take place. Kreutzman came up with brilliant plan, but at the last moment Palmer has doubts...

Classic British spy movie, one of the Harry Palmer series, that was a completely new approach to the genre. The spy stories were usually associated with such productions as James Bond movies or American thrillers also full of action scenes. In Harry Palmer films we see the down-to-earth face of the spy game during the Cold War - without spectacular actions, explosions and car chases, without evil geniuses and plots to take over the world. But nevertheless those movies are quite entertaining, with gripping plots, tensed atmosphere and superb Michael Caine.

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Funeral in Berlin 1966 add comment
Funeral in Berlin 1966 add comment

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Watch Funeral in BerlinWatch Funeral in Berlin

Creators of Funeral in Berlin

Guy Hamilton films

Guy Hamilton


Len Deighton films

Len Deighton


Evan Jones films

Evan Jones


Cast of Funeral in Berlin

Michael Caine films

Michael Caine

as Harry Palmer

Eva Renzi films

Eva Renzi

as Samantha Steel

Paul Hubschmid films

Paul Hubschmid

as Johnny Vulkan

Oskar Homolka films

Oskar Homolka

as Colonel Stok

Guy Doleman films

Guy Doleman

as Ross

Heinz Schubert films

Heinz Schubert

as Aaron Levine

Gunter Meisner films

Gunter Meisner

as Kreutzman

Funeral in Berlin 1966 add comment
Funeral in Berlin 1966 add comment