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Without a Clue 1988 film review

Without a Clue 1988 film review

Without a Clue (1988, United Kingdom)

Running time
105 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★★★★ 10 / 10

After closing another successful investigation Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson return to their home at Baker Street. When they are alone we can see the true dynamic in this duo - Doctor Watson is the one that actually solves the mysteries while Sherlock Holmes is just an actor, who Watson uses as a front for the media. But this time Watson decides that he has enough of this cooperation - he has to do all the work, while Holmes drinks too much, talks to much and causes more damage that good. He throws Reginald Kincaid (because that is real name of the actor) out of their home and plans to start to work on his own. Soon big case comes up - the printing matrix used by the Bank of England to manufacture pound notes have been stolen and the man responsible for them also disappeared. Watson is ready to take this case and put his powerful mind at work... but nobody takes him seriously. Not the media, not police, not the chairman of Bank of England - they all treat him as a goofy sidekick to great Sherlock Holmes. Watson has no other option than find Kincaid and ask him to take the part of Holmes again.

Brilliant comedy that parodies the well known style of Arthur Conan Doyle and his novels about Sherlock Holmes, but with nice twist that Sherlock Holmes is in fact just a bumbling actor, clumsy idiot that likes to drink and have some fun, while Watson is the brain behind that duo. The idea was great, script was fresh, great performance from marvellous cast (Michael Caine and Ben Kingsley) - a must see!

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Without a Clue 1988 add comment

Watch Without a Clue

Watch Without a Clue

Creators of Without a Clue

Thom Eberhardt films

Thom Eberhardt


Gary Murphy films

Gary Murphy


Larry Strawther films

Larry Strawther


Cast of Without a Clue

Michael Caine films

Michael Caine

as Sherlock Holmes

Ben Kingsley films

Ben Kingsley

as Dr. John Watson

Jeffrey Jones films

Jeffrey Jones

as Inspector Lestrade

Lysette Anthony films

Lysette Anthony

as Leslie Giles

Paul Freeman films

Paul Freeman

as Professor James Moriarty

Nigel Davenport films

Nigel Davenport

as Lord Smithwick

Pat Keen films

Pat Keen

as Mrs. Hudson

Peter Cook films

Peter Cook

as Norman Greenhough

Without a Clue 1988 add comment
Without a Clue 1988 add comment
Without a Clue 1988 add comment
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Trivia about Without a Clue

Gary Murphy and Larry Strawthe

The authors of the Without a Clue script, Gary Murphy and Larry Strawther, were writers associated primarily with TV sitcoms. Their credits include such titles as Night Court, Malcolm in the Middle, Caroline in the City, The Sinbad Show or God, the Devil and Bob.

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Without a Clue quotes

Sherlock Holmes: What are you doing?
Dr. John Watsonn: Thinking.
Sherlock Holmes: Right. Im going to think too. [long pause] What shall we think about, Watson?

Sherlock Holmes: [pretending in front of witnesses that he investigates, looking up on the trees] What am I looking for?
Dr. John Watson: Footprints.
Sherlock Holmes: Ah. [starts to look down on the ground] Have I found any yet?
Dr. John Watson: Not yet.
Sherlock Holmes: Well let me know when I do.