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Michael Caine film reviews

Michael Caine

British actor

14 March 1933
in LondonCity of London, EnglandUnited Kingdom

Real name Maurice Joseph Micklewhite, Jr. Born 14 March 1933 in London. He is one of the most respected British actors. He appeared in over one hundred films, like Gambit, Alfie, Too Late the Hero, The Last Valley, The Eagle Has Landed, Jaws: The Revenge, Victory. Winner of two Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor. In 2000 received a knighthood given to him by Queen Elizabeth II. He owns seven restaurants: six in London, one in Miami. Was voted fifth in the Orange Film Survey of greatest British actors.


A Hill in Korea

as Pvt. Lockyer

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1956

Small unit of British soldiers is surrounded on the hilltop during the Korean War. Trapped by Chinese forces they have no other option than fight to the last.



as Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1964

British soldiers in the secluded outpost in the middle of Africa have to face the army of Zulus.


The Ipcress File

as Harry Palmer

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1965

Agent Harry Palmer is assigned to a new unit that is trying to find a kidnapped British scientist. But in the world of counter espionage nothing is simple.


Funeral in Berlin

as Harry Palmer

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1966

British agent is sent to Cold War era Berlin to make arrangements for defection of high level Russian officer. Soon he discovers that something is going on around him and he can trust no one.


Billion Dollar Brain

as Harry Palmer

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1967

In the middle of cold war former MI5 agent gets involved in plot to destabilize the Soviet Union.


Battle of Britain

as Squadron Leader Canfield

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1969

True story of Battle of Britain - the epic fight between RAF and Luftwaffe that stopped the German invasion on United Kingdom.


Play Dirty

as Captain Douglas

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1969

British special forces in North Africa prepare for another raid behind enemy lines, but the choice of people involved puts the whole operation in the risk.


Too Late the Hero

as Private Tosh Hearne

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1970

During World War 2 American translator, who so far avoided any combat duty, is sent to New Hebrides Islands, where British are preparing a special operation that could save a lot of American soldiers. This time combat is inevitable.



as Mickey King

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1972

Pulp fiction author is tangled into web of lies when he is offered a job as ghost writer.


The Eagle Has Landed

as Colonel Steiner

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1976

German commandos set for England to capture Winston Churchill.


A Bridge Too Far

as Lieutenant Colonel J.O.E. Vandeleur

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1977

Operation Market-Garden, the daring plan of General Montgomery to break into Germany with help of paratroopers goes wrong. Based on real events.


The Island

as Blair Maynard

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1980

Journalist tries to find informations about Bermuda Triangle when he and the his son find themselves in mortal danger.



as John Colby

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1981

During World War 2 Germans organize the propaganda football match against team formed of Allied players that are captives in the prisoners of war camps in France.



as Sidney Bruhl

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1982

Renown playwright that couldn’t come up with a good story in years suddenly receives a letter containing brilliant new play from amateur author.


Without a Clue

as Sherlock Holmes

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1988

Tired of Sherlock Holmes’ constant mistakes, Doctor Watson is about to end their cooperation. And why not, he created the whole fictitious character of Sherlock Holmes...


Jack the Ripper

as Inspector Frederick Abberline

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1988

Based on real events of investigation in famous case of serial killer Jack the Ripper.


Children of Men

as Jasper

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2006

When people are no longer able to reproduce most of the things in the world don’t really matter anymore. Theo, average worker in some company, one day gets involved in plot that will change everything.


Now You See Me

as Arthur Tressler

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2013

Group of illusionists under the influence of mysterious leader commit a perfect crime - the steal money from a bank that is thousands miles away while being live on the stage.



as Professor John Brand

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2014

Collapse of human kind is inevitable due to food shortages. Scientists try to make use of wormhole leading to another universe and find suitable new planet.

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