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Ben Kingsley film reviews

Ben Kingsley

British actor

31 December 1943
in ScarboroughNorth Yorkshire, EnglandUnited Kingdom


Without a Clue

as Dr. John Watson

Amadeus  1988

Tired of Sherlock Holmes’ constant mistakes, Doctor Watson is about to end their cooperation. And why not, he created the whole fictitious character of Sherlock Holmes...


Lenin: The Train

as Lenin

Amadeus  1988

In 1917 Germany is struggling to deal with the hardships of World War 1, the generals are eager to close the eastern front and concentrate on the France alone. Since military options are limited they come up with the plan to send Lenin back to Russia so he would ignite the revolution and pull out his country from the war.


Schindler’s List

as Itzhak Stern

Amadeus  1993

During World War II German industrialist Oskar Schindler starts a enamelware factory in Krakow using bribes and his connections with Nazi officials. He hires a Jewish accountant to run the business and as war progresses his views, as Nazi Party member, begin to change.


Rules of Engagement

as Ambassador Mourain

Amadeus  2000

Vietnam veteran Colonel Childers is sent to Yemen to evacuate the ambassador and his family, but on the arrival they realize the situation is much worse they have expected.


A Sound of Thunder

as Charles Hatton

Amadeus  2005

Time Safari is the first company that offers its clients the chance to hunt the real dinosaurs - using the time machine they move back in time to prehistoric times and have the chance to see the past. But the progress is connected with dangers.



as Grinko

Amadeus  2008

American couple, returning from vacation in China, get aboard of Trans-Siberian train through Russia. They meet young couple, who travel on the same route, but soon it will turn out there is a dark side to the story.


Shutter Island

as Dr. Cawley

Amadeus  2010

Two US Marshals have to find the murderess that escaped from the mental institution on a secluded island, but one of them is haunted by his past.


Ender’s Game

as Mazer Rackham

Amadeus  2013

After Earth was attacked and human kind almost wiped out by the alien species known as Formics the counter-attack is being planned. The best candidates to fight the enemy are the kids that grow up playing computer games.

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