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Victoria Tennant film reviews

Victoria Tennant

British actress


The Winds of War

as Pamela Tudsbury

The Sting 1983

Victor ’Pug’ Henry is appointed naval attaché to American embassy in Berlin in 1939. Even though US intelligence is convinced the open war in Europe is unlikely Pug sends an alarming report to Washington suggesting that Germans are fully prepared to attack.



as Trish Lee

The Sting 1983

Delano, small town in Georgia, hires its first chief of the police, which coincidences with the moment a serial killer begins to operate in the area.


War and Remembrance

as Pamela Tudsbury

The Sting 1988

Second part of the epic Herman Wouk novels - Pugh Henry and his family are spread around the world when war starts, now they have to find a way to survive.

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