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The Color Purple 1985 film review

The Color Purple 1985 film review

The Color Purple (1985, United States)

Running time
154 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ 6 / 10

The beginning of the 20th century in the deep south of USA, where the slavery isn’t yet forgotten. Black woman Celie is constantly raped by her father, gives birth to two children, who are taken away from her. Celie becomes married to a farmer Albert, who needs cheap labor to work at his home and take care of his three children. Celie is there treated like a slave - abused and humiliated. Albert brings home his mistress, singer Shug to further humiliate his wife. But Celia and Shug unexpectedly befriend and with Shug’s help Celia discovers what is the dignity of women and that women also have their right to self-defense. Subsequent years describe the gradual maturation of Celia to leave her husband and complicated and difficult fate of her loved ones. At the end of Celia learns about the fate of her children that were taken away from her.

Intelligent movie with amazing acting from a pair of actors later known mostly for comedy movies: Whoopi Goldberg and Danny Glover. The film is based on the novel by Alice Walker, for which she won the Pulitzer. Moving, even if the modern woman is not able to understand the Celia’s long-term acceptance of her fate.

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Creators of The Color Purple

Steven Spielberg films

Steven Spielberg


Alice Walker films

Alice Walker


Menno Meyjes films

Menno Meyjes


Cast of The Color Purple

Whoopi Goldberg films

Whoopi Goldberg

as Celie

Desreta Jackson films

Desreta Jackson

as young Celie

Oprah Winfrey films

Oprah Winfrey

as Sofia

Danny Glover films

Danny Glover

as Albert Johnson

Margaret Avery films

Margaret Avery

as Shug Avery

Akosua Busia films

Akosua Busia

as Nettie

Rae Dawn Chong films

Rae Dawn Chong

as Squeak

Dana Ivey films

Dana Ivey

as Miss Millie

Bennet Guillory films

Bennet Guillory

as Grady

John Patton films

John Patton

as Preacher

Carl Anderson films

Carl Anderson

as Pastor Samuel

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