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Family Plot 1975 film review

Family Plot 1975 film review

Family Plot (1975, United States)

Running time
121 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★★★☆ 9 / 10

A couple of minor crooks, Blanche and George, swindle rich people on BlancheÔÇÖs clairvoyance that uses theatrical tricks to convince them she can contact dead people. Rich old lady wants to pay them a lot of money to find her nephew, Edward Shoebridge, who was given away to adoption as a baby. After all the years now she wants to pass all her fortune to him. Blanche and George take on the task, planning to rob or swindle the future heir of the money, but soon they learn that Shoebridge is dead. Or so they think when they find his tombstone on a secluded cemetery. But it turns out that the grave is empty and George finds information that tombstone was bought by a man named Arthur Adamson. They assume that for some reason Edward faked his own death, but they did not suspect that, currently as Arthur, he is a swindler himself, who pretends to be a wealthy jeweler. Together with his friend Fran they are a pair of criminals much more dangerous than Blanche and George. When the two couples meet Arthur and Fran think they are being followed, but for quite different reasons...

This was the last film of Alfred Hitchcock, a great thriller with light overtones and all the hallmarks of his unique style. Lots of surprising and funny situations, a lot of humor, even though the main characters are hardened criminals, each of them seems to be a little grotesque, but by that in a way more expressive and interesting. The original script was based on a novel The Rainbird Pattern by Victor Canning.

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Family Plot 1975 add comment

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Creators of Family Plot

Alfred Hitchcock films

Alfred Hitchcock


Ernest Lehman films

Ernest Lehman


Cast of Family Plot

Barbara Harris films

Barbara Harris

as Blanche Tyler

Bruce Dern films

Bruce Dern

as George Lumley

Karen Black films

Karen Black

as Fran

William Devane films

William Devane

as Arthur Adamson

Ed Lauter films

Ed Lauter

as Joe Maloney

Cathleen Nesbit films

Cathleen Nesbit

as Julia Rainbird

Family Plot 1975 add comment
Family Plot 1975 add comment