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The Pelican Brief 1993 film review

The Pelican Brief 1993 film review

The Pelican Brief (1993, United States)

Running time
141 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★★☆☆ 8 / 10

Law student Darby Shaw writes a paper - and calles it the Pelican Brief - which presents her own theory about the attacks on two judges of the Supreme Court. Lecturer Thomas, who is at the same time Darby’s lover, shows the paper to his friend at the FBI. Soon Thomas is killed and after that everyone who had any contact with the Pelican Brief. Darby is terrified, she changes her appearance and goes into hiding. She comes up with an idea to get in contact with a well known journalist Graham Gray. The pair start to discover the truth behind the attacks on the judges.

Very good political thriller, fast action and excellent performance from the actors (not just the two main characters) keeps the viewers at the edge of the seat from the beginning until the end. Subject of the movie is always up-to-date as long as there would be politics.

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The Pelican Brief 1993 add comment
The Pelican Brief 1993 add comment

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Creators of The Pelican Brief

Alan J. Pakula films

Alan J. Pakula


Alan J. Pakula films

Alan J. Pakula


Cast of The Pelican Brief

Julia Roberts films

Julia Roberts

as Darby Shaw

Denzel Washington films

Denzel Washington

as Gray Grantham

Sam Shepard films

Sam Shepard

as Thomas Callahan

Tony Goldwyn films

Tony Goldwyn

as Flether Coal

John Heard films

John Heard

as Gavin Vereek

James Sikking films

James Sikking

as Denton Voyless

William Atherton films

William Atherton

as Bob Gminski

Robert Culp films

Robert Culp

as President

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