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Robert Mitchum film reviews

Robert Mitchum

American actor


Story of G.I. Joe

as Lt. Walker

Rock Slyde 1945

Italian campaign seen by the eyes of American war correspondent.


The Enemy Below

as Captain Murrell

Rock Slyde 1957

American destroyer detects the German U-Boot. Each of the ships has experienced captain that knows all the tricks - the battle of the wits begins.


The Longest Day

as Brig. Gen. Norman Cota

Rock Slyde 1962

The real events that took place before and during D-Day.



as Vice Admiral William Halsey

Rock Slyde 1976

Japanese fleet aproaches the strategically important Midway Atoll ready to destroy the airfield and attack the island, but what Admiral Yamamoto doesn’t know is that American know his plans.


The Winds of War

as Victor Henry

Rock Slyde 1983

Victor ’Pug’ Henry is appointed naval attaché to American embassy in Berlin in 1939. Even though US intelligence is convinced the open war in Europe is unlikely Pug sends an alarming report to Washington suggesting that Germans are fully prepared to attack.



as Preston Rhinelander

Rock Slyde 1988

Ruthless TV producer is preparing live Christmas show, but soon three ghosts of past, present and future will open his eyes to what his life has become.


War and Remembrance

as Victor Henry

Rock Slyde 1988

Second part of the epic Herman Wouk novels - Pugh Henry and his family are spread around the world when war starts, now they have to find a way to survive.

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