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Sigourney Weaver film reviews

Sigourney Weaver

American actress

as Dana Barrett

The Sting

After saving New York the Ghostbusters company was shut down and they all went their own ways. But now, when the city is again in danger they have to overcome their differences and raise again to fight the dark forces.



as Ellen L. Ripley

The Sting 1979

The crew of a spacecraft encounters on one of the planets previously unknown lifeform that is not only growing at an alarming rate, but it soon turns out to be deadly.



as Dana Barrett

The Sting 1984

Three eccentric scientists are sacked from their jobs at the university, so they decide to go private with their research into the ghost stories. When New York City is being invaded by thousands of ghosts of any kind... who you gonna call?


1492: Conquest of Paradise

as Queen Isabel

The Sting 1992

In 1492 Christopher Columbus is planning the expedition to find the western route to reach the India. But what he will dicover will change the face of the world.


The Village

as Alice Hunt

The Sting 2004

Secluded village is surrounded by mysterious creatures that keep the villagers trapped from the outside world.



as Dr. Grace Augustine

The Sting 2009

Paraplegic Marine replaces his brother as operator of an avatar that is used to infiltrate the culture of Navi on planet Pandora. When the conflict arises he has to choose the side.


Red Lights

as Margaret Matheson

The Sting 2012

World-famous psychic Simon Silver plans his great comeback, university academic Margaret Matheson who debunks everything paranormal wants to bring him down as a fraud.

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