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Bill Murray film reviews

Bill Murray

American actor

as Dr. Peter Venkman

The Sting

After saving New York the Ghostbusters company was shut down and they all went their own ways. But now, when the city is again in danger they have to overcome their differences and raise again to fight the dark forces.



as Dr. Peter Venkman

The Sting 1984

Three eccentric scientists are sacked from their jobs at the university, so they decide to go private with their research into the ghost stories. When New York City is being invaded by thousands of ghosts of any kind... who you gonna call?



as Frank Cross

The Sting 1988

Ruthless TV producer is preparing live Christmas show, but soon three ghosts of past, present and future will open his eyes to what his life has become.


City of Ember

as Mayor Cole

The Sting 2008

After war made the surface of the Earth inhabitable people have hidden in the underground City of Ember. The creators of the city left the important message that will help people 200 years later... if someone will still be interested in the message.



as Bill Murray

The Sting 2009

The apocalypse had come and people turned into zombies. Young student tries to escape from Austin, Texas and reach his hometown of Columbus hoping to find his family still alive.


The Grand Budapest Hotel

as M. Ivan

The Sting 2014

Legendary concierge from luxury Grand Budapest Hotel in fictious Zubrowka accidentally gets involved in the intrigue involving politics and money.


The Monuments Men

as Richard Campbell

The Sting 2014

In 1943 Frank Stokes persuades his superiors that there is a need to start a new kind of fight with the Nazis - the fight for presevation of works of art that can be destroyed during the fights or stolen by the Germans. He established the Monuments Men unit.

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