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Unknown 2006 film review

Unknown 2006 film review

Unknown (2006, United States)

Running time
85 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 7 / 10

Five men wake up in a decrepit warehouse with no recollection of who they are or what happened to them, not to mention how did they got here. One of them is tied to a chair, one is handcuffed to a railing and seems wounded, the other three look like they were in a fight. The windows have bars in them, doors have electronic lock in them, all the surroundings of the building look like the desert. Soon after first of them regains conscience a phone rings. The caller seems to know more or less who is he talking to and asks how things are going. Not wanting to reveal that he has no clue who he is and what was suppose to be going on, he play for time. Soon the caller asks about a gun left in a drawer of a desk, which seems like a clue that whatever that was, the people involved are not saints. While others wake up one of them finds a dead body and another a newspaper, which points into an event that took place recently. The newspaper contains article about kidnapping of a rich businessman and the dead man was one of the security guards in a building where it happened. Now all they have to do is figure out which one of them was kidnapped and which are the criminals.

Unknown, despite clearly being made on low budget, was a pretty good script that contains enough twists to share on several films - the plot until the very end leaves clues that not everything is exactly how it looks like on surface and it actually work. Unfortunately the directing style left a lot to be desired, from the beginning we see two stories unveiling, one being the men stuck in a warehouse, the other being the police investigation, which in a way spoils the mystery. Nevertheless, despite being a low budget production it is something that can keep viewers entertained for hour and a half, which is more than can be said about a lot of other productions.

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Unknown 2006 add comment

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Creators of Unknown

Simon Brand films

Simon Brand


Matthew Waynee films

Matthew Waynee


Cast of Unknown

Jim Caviezel films

Jim Caviezel

as Jean Jacket

Greg Kinnear films

Greg Kinnear

as Broken Nose

Joe Pantoliano films

Joe Pantoliano

as Bound Man

Barry Pepper films

Barry Pepper

as Rancher Shirt

Jeremy Sisto films

Jeremy Sisto

as Handcuffed Man

Peter Stormare films

Peter Stormare

as Snakeskin Boots

Unknown quotes

Jean Jacket: I’m not a criminal.
Rancher Shirt: Stop acting like one, then.