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Ernie Hudson film reviews

Ernie Hudson

American actor

as Winston Zeddemore

The Sting

After saving New York the Ghostbusters company was shut down and they all went their own ways. But now, when the city is again in danger they have to overcome their differences and raise again to fight the dark forces.



as Winston Zeddmore

The Sting 1984

Three eccentric scientists are sacked from their jobs at the university, so they decide to go private with their research into the ghost stories. When New York City is being invaded by thousands of ghosts of any kind... who you gonna call?


The Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission

as Joe Hamilton

The Sting 1988

Again 12 prisoners sentenced to death penalty are chosen to take part in suicidal mission behind enemy lines. Another sequel to classic Dirty Dozen.



as Senator Douglas Wilson

The Sting 1999

Senator Wilson, who tries to introduce limitations in access to firearms boards the train that will take him to his next meeting. Group of terrorists from paramilitary organization takes over the train and senator as hostage. Single ATF agent is onboard to save him and the passengers.


Balancing the Books

as Detective Carter

The Sting 2009

Attractive woman raped by a man she was dating seeks help of her friends to get even.


Call Me Crazy: A Five Film

as Percy

The Sting 2013

Movie centers around the reality of mental illness and families of those suffering from them.

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