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Ryszard Kotys film reviews

Ryszard Kotys

Polish actor


On the White Trail

as Bjorn

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1963

Weather station on Greenland picks up strange radio signal coming from the area and soon they are attacked by Nazi soldiers. German officer and the commander of the weather station have to find the way to cooperate in order to survive.


Red Rowan

as soldier

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1970

Polish forces engage in one of the bloodiest battles on the Baltic coast - the siege of Kolobrzeg, where well prepared Germans have no plans to surrender.


Operation Himmler

as prisoner

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1979

In summer of 1939 Germans are preparing the last element that will justify their invasion of Poland - the Operation Himmler - covert operation on the territory of Poland.



as Melski

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1981

Criminal Henryk Kwinto is out of jail and plans a revenge on his former associate, who is responsible for his arrest.


Barbed Wire

as Jozek

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1983

Three volunteers that are about to embark on risky mission recall their past presenting what lead them to the point there are in right now.


The Golden Train

as Nowak

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1986

During German invasion in 1939 Polish government try to evacuate the gold reserves to Great Britain via Romania, which would be hard enough even without constant attacks from German saboteurs.

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