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Olgierd Lukaszewicz film reviews

Olgierd Lukaszewicz

Polish actor


The Taste of the Black Earth

as Gabriel Basista

Cabaret  1970

During the second Silesian Uprising in 1920, seven Basista brothers joined the insurgents to face the German forces preparing to storm the mining areas.


Operation Himmler

as Schollenberg

Cabaret  1979

In summer of 1939 Germans are preparing the last element that will justify their invasion of Poland - the Operation Himmler - covert operation on the territory of Poland.



as Albert Starski

Cabaret  1983

Two men agree to take part in a scientific experiment - they will be hibernated for 3 years. But when they wake up the world looks completely different than how they remembered it.


Barbed Wire

as Andrzej

Cabaret  1983

Three volunteers that are about to embark on risky mission recall their past presenting what lead them to the point there are in right now.


Stones for the Rampart

as Dr. Trojanowski

Cabaret  2014

Teenagers from Gray Ranks prepare action that would free their friend Rudy from Gestapo, but their superiors in resistance are against the action since it would put a lot of civilians in danger.

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