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Witold Pyrkosz film reviews

Witold Pyrkosz

Polish actor



as Galicki

Cabaret  1961

In last weeks of the war Colonel Czapran plans to make a brave push on the enemy lines, but his soldiers are not so keen to follow him, especially since their orders from HQ are different.


On the White Trail

as German soldier

Cabaret  1963

Weather station on Greenland picks up strange radio signal coming from the area and soon they are attacked by Nazi soldiers. German officer and the commander of the weather station have to find the way to cooperate in order to survive.


Four Tankmen and a Dog

as Franek Wichura

Cabaret  1966

Story of Polish T-34 tank crew that joins the offensive towards Berlin.



as Dunczyk

Cabaret  1981

Criminal Henryk Kwinto is out of jail and plans a revenge on his former associate, who is responsible for his arrest.


4 Alternative Street

as Jozef Balcerek

Cabaret  1983

People from different social groups are put together in a single house under the leadership of Stanislaw Aniol (Stanislaw Angel), who is far from being an angel.


King Size

as Bombalina

Cabaret  1988

Great parody of dictatorship systems - imagine how ruthless leader would look like as a dwarf ruling other dwarfs with iron fist. Tiny iron fist.

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