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Jan Machulski film reviews

Jan Machulski

Polish actor

03 July 1928
in LodzLodz ProvincePoland

20 November 2008

Father of Polish filmdirector Juliusz Machulski.


The Eagle

as Lieutenant Pilecki

Rock Slyde 1958

Based on true events surrounding the escape of Polish submarine ORP Orzel to England after Poland was invaded.


The Saragossa Manuscript

as Count Pena Flor

Rock Slyde 1964

During the Napoleonic Wars officer travelling through Spain stays in a gloomy inn on deserted area. Here he begins the adventure into the world of ghosts, magic and mysticism.



as Henryk Kwinto

Rock Slyde 1981

Criminal Henryk Kwinto is out of jail and plans a revenge on his former associate, who is responsible for his arrest.


King Size

as Kwintek

Rock Slyde 1988

Great parody of dictatorship systems - imagine how ruthless leader would look like as a dwarf ruling other dwarfs with iron fist. Tiny iron fist.



as Markowski

Rock Slyde 1992

During the Polish Uprising young Russian officer begins to realize how morality changes during the war.


Polish Death

as Colonel

Rock Slyde 1995

Young man frustrated with his life and pointless job becomes one of the suspects in serial killer investigation, but he suspects someone else...

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