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The Dinner Game 1998 / Le dîner de cons film review

The Dinner Game 1998 film review

The Dinner Game (1998, France)

Original title
Le dîner de cons
Running time
80 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★★★★ 10 / 10

Each week wealthy publisher Pierre Brochant, together with his friends, organize a special dinner. Each of them invites a guest and they bet who brought a biggest loser. They have people, kind of scouts, who search the whole country seeking the most hopeless idiots they can find. This time Brochant was given a name of a special idiot - shy Ministry of Finance employee François Pignon, who spends his free time making models out of matchsticks. Brochant is eager to meet him, so he invites him to his flat on pretens that Brochant could publish a book about the matchsticks models. Unfortunately when Pignon shows up it seems that they won’t be attending the dinner afterall, since Pierre hurt his back on the golf course. But when Brochant sees that he has a sure winner in front of him he is prepared to sacrifice the pain and take Pignon to the dinner. Brochant’s wife, who doesn’t understand her husband’s devotion to this cruel game is thinking about living him for good. In that tricky moment François Pignon begins to share his special kind of idiocy with the world and especially Brochant himself.

Great bitter-sweet comedy in which the tough moment in life of publisher Pierre Brochant clashes with the natural idiocy of François Pignon creating one funny scene after another. Great cast and superb script (based on the play) that manages to keep real all the stupid things that are going on in the flat of Brochant. Definately not one to miss, but whenyou see it once you will come back to that title!

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The Dinner Game 1998 add comment
The Dinner Game 1998 add comment

Watch The Dinner Game

Watch The Dinner Game

Creators of The Dinner Game

Francis Veber films

Francis Veber


Francis Veber films

Francis Veber


Cast of The Dinner Game

Jacques Villeret films

Jacques Villeret

as François Pignon

Thierry Lhermitte films

Thierry Lhermitte

as Pierre Brochant

Alexandra Vandernoot films

Alexandra Vandernoot

as Christine Brochant

Francis Huster films

Francis Huster

as Juste Leblanc

Daniel Prevost films

Daniel Prevost

as Lucien Cheval

Catherine Frot films

Catherine Frot

as Marlène Sasseur

Edgar Givry films

Edgar Givry

as Cordier

The Dinner Game 1998 add comment
The Dinner Game 1998 add comment

Trivia about The Dinner Game

The Dinner Game - stage play

Film was based on the stage play by Francis Veber that premiered in 1993. Just like in the movie the part of François Pignon was played by Jacques Villeret.