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Bogusz Bilewski film reviews

Bogusz Bilewski

Polish actor

25 September 1930
in StarachowiceHoly Cross ProvincePoland

14 September 1995



as doctor Rag├│lski

The Sting 1960

One of two long-running Polish soap operas - continuously broadcasted since 1960, it took audience to small village somewhere in Poland.



as Captain Mieczyslaw Slaby

The Sting 1967

True story of Polish outpost near Gdansk that held the superior force of Germans for several days at the beginning of World War II in Europe.


Green Eye Theatre

as various

The Sting 1967

Polish radio anthology series that covered wide range of themes and genres - from crime and mystery to sci-fi and even horror.


Why would horse care?

as Alojzy

The Sting 1987

Team of workers transport giant industrial transformer through the whole country dealing with strange problems on their way. But the convoy is finally stopped by the overpass that is just slightly too low for them.

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