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Henryk Talar film reviews

Henryk Talar

Polish actor

25 June 1945



as Janusz Tetera

The Sting 1960

One of two long-running Polish soap operas - continuously broadcasted since 1960, it took audience to small village somewhere in Poland.


Green Eye Theatre

as various

The Sting 1967

Polish radio anthology series that covered wide range of themes and genres - from crime and mystery to sci-fi and even horror.



as Zybert

The Sting 1982

Legendary partisans leader has to keep his unit together, but he has problem with keeping his own mind together.


I Died to Live

as Hauptsturmfuhrer Knothe

The Sting 1984

True story of Polish resistance member arrested and tortured by Gestapo in Warsaw. Since he knew the coding methods it was vital for the organization Germans would not gain any knowledge out of him. He was prepared to die, but the resistance came up with different solution.

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