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Robert Shaw film reviews

Robert Shaw

British actor

09 August 1927
in WesthoughtonGreater Manchester, EnglandUnited Kingdom

28 August 1978


The Dam Busters

as Sgt. Pulford

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1955

True story of inventor of bouncing bombs that let the British paralyze German industry in the Ruhr valley.


A Hill in Korea

as LCpl. Hodge

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1956

Small unit of British soldiers is surrounded on the hilltop during the Korean War. Trapped by Chinese forces they have no other option than fight to the last.


Battle of the Bulge

as Colonel Hessler

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1965

Based on true events surrounding the last German offensive during World War 2.


Battle of Britain

as Squadron Leader Skipper

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1969

True story of Battle of Britain - the epic fight between RAF and Luftwaffe that stopped the German invasion on United Kingdom.


The Sting

as Doyle Lonnegan

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1973

Two petty crooks plan to take revenge on the gangster responsible for death of their friend. And they do it the only way they know - by preparing a swindle.


The Taking of Pelham One Two Three

as Blue

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1974

Perfect crime plan goes almost perfect - four men take over the New York City train and demand ransom.


Force 10 from Navarone

as Mallory

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1978

Commandos from mission on Navarone are sent to different part of Europe, this time to occupied Yugoslavia, where their orders are to find and kill German spy that infiltrated local partisans headquarters.

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