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Scarecrow 1973 film review

Scarecrow 1973 film review

Scarecrow (1973, United States)

Running time
112 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★★☆☆ 8 / 10

The two main characters - petty criminal Max and former sailor Francis - meet by accident and move together in a journey through the United States. Max wants to open his own business, Francis plans to visit ex-girlfriend and their child he has not seen before. Both are completely different, but at the time of travel - hitchhiking, on foot, by train - they support each other. They are vagrants and homeless, so they are treated by the others. They even end up in a prison, where Francis as a trusting man falls into the hands of a homosexual, and when he opposes is severely beaten. What will be the end of their journey?

It’s a great film, masterfully played, with the romantic music and scenery. It is easy to identify with the characters, experiencing their problems and the viewer can only be glad that he did not get in such position. This is not a movie for someone who is looking for entertainment, but rather to the viewer pondering the meaning of life. But the film does not lack humor and lyrical moments, in spite of all its tragic underlining.

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Creators of Scarecrow

Jerry Schatzberg films

Jerry Schatzberg


Garry Michael White films

Garry Michael White


Cast of Scarecrow

Gene Hackman films

Gene Hackman

as Max Millan

Al Pacino films

Al Pacino

as Francis Lionel "Lion" Delbuchi

Dorothy Tristan films

Dorothy Tristan

as Coley

Ann Wedgeworth films

Ann Wedgeworth

as Frenchy

Penny Allen films

Penny Allen

as Annie Gleason

Eileen Brennan films

Eileen Brennan

as Darlene

Richard Hackman films

Richard Hackman

as Mickey Greenwood

Charles Noel films

Charles Noel

as Doctor

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