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Giant 1956 film review

Giant 1956 film review

Giant (1956, United States)

Running time
201 minutes
English / Spanish
Our rating
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 7 / 10

Bick Benedict, a rancher from Texas travels to Virginia to seal a commercial transaction. He meets Leslie, girl full of temperament and charm. Soon they get married and young couple moves to family ranch. Completely different living conditions, the heat, the cattle, the different customs and the bossy sister-in-law Bick - all this makes it difficult for Leslie to adapt to life in Texas. She meets a young farmer, Jett, who on his piece of land searches for oil and soon develops feelings towards Leslie. But the film is primarily a story about the socio-economic changes that occurred in the southern United States in the first half of the 20th century. It shows the changes that were result of the discovery of oil. And against this background we see the history of Benedicts, the young couple, their children and family.

Good script, great acting, beautiful scener of Texas, great music. This is the last movie of James Dean. "Giant" was nominated in 9 categories for an Oscar, but in the end got only one award. It was put on the list of films that have built cultural heritage of United States.

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Giant 1956 add comment

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Creators of Giant

George Stevens films

George Stevens


Edna Ferber films

Edna Ferber


Fred Guiol films

Fred Guiol


Cast of Giant

Rock Hudson films

Rock Hudson

as Jordan Bick Benedict Jr.

Elizabeth Taylor films

Elizabeth Taylor

as Leslie Benedict

James Dean films

James Dean

as Jett Rink

Carroll Baker films

Carroll Baker

as Luz Benedict II

Jane Withers films

Jane Withers

as Vashti Snythe

Chill Wills films

Chill Wills

as Uncle Bawley

Mercedes McCambridge films

Mercedes McCambridge

as Luz Benedict

Dennis Hopper films

Dennis Hopper

as Jordan Benedict III

Sal Mineo films

Sal Mineo

as Angel Obregon II

Rod Taylor films

Rod Taylor

as Sir David Karfrey

Earl Holliman films

Earl Holliman

as Bob Dace

Paul Fix films

Paul Fix

as Dr. Horace Lynnton

Judith Evelyn films

Judith Evelyn

as Nancy Lynnton

Fran Bennett films

Fran Bennett

as Judy Benedict

Elsa Cardenas films

Elsa Cardenas

as Juana Guerra Benedict

Giant 1956 add comment
Giant 1956 add comment