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The Young Lions 1958 film review

The Young Lions 1958 film review

The Young Lions (1958, United States)

Running time
167 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★★☆☆ 8 / 10

During World War 2 young German officer Christian Diestl is ardent National Socialism supporter. Together with his commander, Hardenberg, they take part in skirmish with British unit. They both with cold efficiency, almost with pleasure, kill every enemy soldier that survived the battle. When Hardenberg shots a wounded Englishman from point-blank distance this somehow changes Diestl - he becomes a real Nazi soldier, a seemingly presumptuous man, who is completely hollow inside. Another story shows two Americans, a Broadway singer Michaela Whiteacre and a Jew Noah Ackerman. They both join the army and end up in boot camp. Noah falls in love with girl named Hope, but her father cannot accept their relationship, mostly because of religion differences. In the army Noah is bullied, mostly due to antisemitic atmosphere inspired by the commander, who is clearly a bigot. His friend, Whiteacre, tries to help him, but when he puts a formal complain he is transferred to another unit, which does not help Noah. Later the captain and the abuse is exposed. When Noah and Michael arrive to the battle zone in Europe their fate crosses the fate of Christian Diestl.

The script was based on the novel of the same name, by a well-known American author Irwin Shaw. Of course, in relation to the novel, the movie has been greatly simplified (which does not change the fact that in itself is quite long), but the director resigned from presenting the characters in just black and white manner. The film is primarily a great performance from the actors. Three different characters and three different attitudes to life - this is one of must-see classics.

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The Young Lions 1958 add comment

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Creators of The Young Lions

Edward Dmytryk films

Edward Dmytryk


Edward Anhalt films

Edward Anhalt


Cast of The Young Lions

Marlon Brando films

Marlon Brando

as Lieutenant Christian Diestl

Montgomery Clift films

Montgomery Clift

as Noah Ackerman

Dean Matrin films

Dean Matrin

as Michael Whiteacre

Maximilian Schell films

Maximilian Schell

as Capitan Hardenberg

Barbara Rush films

Barbara Rush

as Margaret Freemantle

Lee Van Cleef films

Lee Van Cleef

as Sergeant Rickett

Parley Baer films

Parley Baer

as Sergeant Brandt

Parley Baer films

Parley Baer

as Lieutenant Green

The Young Lions 1958 add comment
The Young Lions 1958 add comment