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Orson Welles film reviews

Orson Welles

American actor, director


Lux Radio Theatre

The Sting 1934

Radio anthology series that had unique approach to the genre - instead of digging up unknown short stories or adapting classics they took up Broadway and Hollywood.



The Sting 1940

One of the longest running suspense and mystery anthology radio series that ran from 1940 (or rather 1942) until 1962 and had the biggest stars of Hollywood appearing in different episodes.


The Orson Welles Show


The Sting 1941

One of the few anthology radio shows directed and hosted by Orson Welles. Show presented wide range of material, from drama to comedy, poetry and commentary on current events.


The Black Museum

as host / narrator

The Sting 1952

Old time radio shows presenting true crime cases from the dark corners of famous Scotland Yard’s Black Museum.



as General Dreedle

The Sting 1970

Captain John Yossarian flies as bombardier aboard B-25 over Mediterranean Sea. Disillusioned with the war he gets more and more desperate to get out of the air force, but Catch-22 constantly gets in his way to freedom.

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