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12 Angry Men 1957 film review

12 Angry Men 1957 film review

12 Angry Men (1957, United States)

Running time
95 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★★★★ 10 / 10

Young Latino is accused of the murder of his father. Witnesses heard him threatening to kill him and saw he had a knife similiar to the one that was used by murderer. During the trial and after the presentation of evidence twelve jurors retire to deliberate in order to determine the sentence. All but one are convinced that the boy is guilty, the others just want to quickly end the matter and return to their own lives, especially since the weather is especially hot that day. But the sentence requires a unanimous vote from all twelve, while one of them - played by Henry Fonda - begins to share his doubts with the others. He wants to look at all the facts and testimonies of witnesses, although others consider it a waste of time. After initial protests his arguments start getting to the other juries. Even the testimony of a witness who had seen all from the window across the street, after a closer examination, seems to be unplasible since the witness usually uses glasses. One of the juries had similiar experience himself and changes his mind. But still it has to be a unanimous decison form whole twelve...

The scenario is based on the television play of the Studio One series. Although this is a low budget film, which was shot in less than three weeks, you can usually find it in the ranking of the best films ever made. The movie is fascinating, showing on one hand the shallowness of reasoning of completely random people, on which depends the fate of a man, on the other hand, their transformation under the influence of logical arguments. At the same time thriller and psychological drama, compelling every detail of the script and dialogues. In addition, the film does not give a ready solution, requires the viewer to get involved and even some reflections afterwards.

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12 Angry Men comments

Amazing film - no matter how many times I watch I still can't believe ho precise the film is and how each detail builds the atmosphere
a_fan (21-12-2016 23:02:03)

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12 Angry Men 1957 add comment

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Watch 12 Angry Men

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Creators of 12 Angry Men

Sidney Lumet films

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Reginald Rose films

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Cast of 12 Angry Men

Henry Fonda films

Henry Fonda

as Juror no. 8

Martin Balsam films

Martin Balsam

as Juror no. 1

John Fiedler films

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as Juror no. 2

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Ed Begley Jr films

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as Juror no. 10

George Voskovec films

George Voskovec

as Juror no. 11

Robert Webber films

Robert Webber

as Juror no. 12

12 Angry Men 1957 add comment
12 Angry Men 1957 add comment
12 Angry Men 1957 add comment
12 Angry Men 1957 add comment
12 Angry Men 1957 add comment

12 Angry Men quotes

Juror no. 11: I beg pardon...
Juror no. 10: "I beg pardon?" What are you so polite about?
Juror no. 11: For the same reason you are not: it’s the way I was brought up.