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Hotel Rwanda 2004 film review

Hotel Rwanda 2004 film review

Hotel Rwanda (2004, United Kingdom)

Running time
120 minutes
the story takes place in KigaliKigaliRwanda
Our rating
★★★★★★★★★☆ 9 / 10

For Paul Rusesabagina the ongoing civil war in Rwanda is only a distant echo - in Kigali he is manager of one of the hotels dealing every day with the European tourists and the elites of the army and government. But outside the walls of the hotel is another world - the decades long conflict between two ethnic groups, Hutu and Tutsi, is about to erupt. Paul learns from one of his suppliers that Hutu militia is about to put their plan of final solution into action - they plan to kill all the Tutsi in the country. Paul is shocked when he learns that machetes are being distributed among the militiamen, who on the signal "cut the tall trees" will begin the genocide. Paul is Hutu, so he is more or less safe, but his wife Tatiana is Tutsi, which means they all are in great danger. After the Rwandan president is killed the violence begins - streets are filled with Hutus attacking every Tutsi they can find, no matter if they are young, old, men or women, for them they are just the targets. For Paul and Tatiana the fight for survival just begins...

Film based on a true story of Paul Rusesabagina, who during the Rwandan genocide in 1994 helped over 1000 people avoid the death from Hutu militiamen by hiding them in the hotel. The whole time he had to balance on a verge of being killed or letting other people get killed. It is a very moving story about the reality of country in chaos, the country where there are no rules, where there is no hope, but still Paul Rusesabagina and other people managed to do the decent things in this hell on Earth.

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Watch Hotel RwandaWatch Hotel Rwanda

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Hotel Rwanda

Creators of Hotel Rwanda

Terry George films

Terry George


Terry George films

Terry George


Keir Pearson films

Keir Pearson


Cast of Hotel Rwanda

Don Cheadle films

Don Cheadle

as Paul Rusesabagina

Nick Nolte films

Nick Nolte

as Colonel Oliver

Sophie Okonedo films

Sophie Okonedo

as Tatiana Rusesabagina

Joaquin Phoenix films

Joaquin Phoenix

as Jack Daglish

Fana Mokoena films

Fana Mokoena

as General Augustin Bizimungu

Hakeem Kae-Kazim films

Hakeem Kae-Kazim

as Georges Rutaganda

Jean Reno films

Jean Reno

as Tillens

Desmond Dube films

Desmond Dube

as Dube

Hotel Rwanda 2004 add comment
Hotel Rwanda 2004 add comment
Hotel Rwanda 2004 add comment
Hotel Rwanda 2004 add comment
Hotel Rwanda 2004 add comment

Hotel Rwanda quotes

Paul Rusesabagina: What are you going to do - shoot me? Shoot me. I would pay you to shoot my family! I would consider it a blessing!

Paul Rusesabagina: I am glad that you have shot this footage and that the world will see it. It is the only way we have a chance that people might intervene.
Jack Daglish: Yeah and if no one intervenes, is it still a good thing to show?
Paul Rusesabagina: How can they not intervene when they witness such atrocities?
Jack: I think if people see this footage they’ll say, "oh my God that’s horrible," and then go on eating their dinners.