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Roman Holiday 1953 film review

Roman Holiday 1953 film review

Roman Holiday (1953, United States)

Running time
113 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★★☆☆ 8 / 10

Young Princess Anne is on an official visit to Rome. She is bored and tired of the constant meetings, speeches and all court etiquette. When she gets hysterical doctor gives her a sedative, but before it starts to work Anna slips out beyond the walls of the palace. Soon she falls asleep on the bench. American journalist Joe finds her asleep, and since he was unable to wake her up he decides to take her to his own home. In the morning he wants to get rid of her, but when he notices photo of the princess in a newspaper he recognizes who his guest is, but doesn’t say anything to her. He organizes a photographer and takes Anna on trip around the city. Princess is happy, she cuts off her hair, have fun at an amusement park, spends a wonderful day. Photographer takes pictures of her and Joe to have the material for his newspaper. However, Anna and Joe unexpectedly fall in love. How will this wonderful day end?

One of the nicest comedies, made light and pleasant, with lots of humor. Superb performances from the main characters and the photographer. This film is a masterpiece on which over the next 70 years romantic comedies were modeled. Of course, as a genre it appeals rather to women, but even men will find a good moments in this film. Have fun!

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Roman Holiday 1953 add comment
Roman Holiday 1953 add comment

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Creators of Roman Holiday

William Wyler films

William Wyler


Ian Hunter films

Ian Hunter


Cast of Roman Holiday

Gregory Peck films

Gregory Peck

as Joe Bradley

Audrey Hepburn films

Audrey Hepburn

as Princess Anna

Eddie Albert films

Eddie Albert

as Irving Radovich

Hartley Power films

Hartley Power

as Mister Hennessy

Harcourt Williams films

Harcourt Williams

as Ambassador

Tullio Carminati films

Tullio Carminati

as General Provno

Claudio Ermelli films

Claudio Ermelli

as Giovanni

Roman Holiday 1953 add comment
Roman Holiday 1953 add comment