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Barry Pepper film reviews

Barry Pepper

Canadian actor


Saving Private Ryan

as Private Jackson

Cabaret  1998

Soon after the D-Day platoon of Rangers is sent on an unusual mission - in the chaos that followed Allied landings in France they have to find last surviving of four Ryan brothers, who is somewhere in Normandy.


Battlefield Earth

as Jonnie Goodboy Tyler

Cabaret  2000

In future race of humanoid aliens have invaded the Earth and turned the human kind into slaves, but one man has the knowledge to turn things around.


We Were Soldiers

as Joe Galloway

Cabaret  2002

First majob battle of American forces in Vietnam seen from battlefield and the families back home.



as Rancher Shirt

Cabaret  2006

Five men wake up in a locked-down warehouse, not knowing who they are and how they got here. Slowly they reveal the parts of the mystery.


Flags of Our Fathers

as Sergeant Michael Strank

Cabaret  2006

The story of US Marines that put up the American flag on top of the Mount Suribachi during Battle of Iwo Jima. As symbol of struggle on the Pacific they return to United States to take part in the war bonds drive.


Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

as Vince

Cabaret  2015

The Gliders are taken to a laboratory-like facility, where they learn they were not the only ones to be kept in the mazes. But there are other secrets to be discovered.

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