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Joe Pantoliano film reviews

Joe Pantoliano

American actor


Empire of the Sun

as Frank Demarest

The Sting 1987

Teenage boy has to find a way to survive in internment camp when he is separated from his parents during the evacuation from Shanghai.



as Sgt. Jack Russell

The Sting 1989

Based on a true facts story about first US Army experiments with nuclear bombs - in 1950s as part of scientific research large groups of American soldiers were deliberately exposed to radiation after atomic bomb explosion.


The Matrix

as Cypher

The Sting 1999

Hacker known as Neo is anxious to find what is the mystery of Matrix. He saw that phrase on different occassions, but when he will learn the truth this will change his world.



as Teddy

The Sting 2000

Man that can’t make new memories uses notes, tattoos and Polaroid photos to run his private investigation in search of his wife’s killer.



as Bound Man

The Sting 2006

Five men wake up in a locked-down warehouse, not knowing who they are and how they got here. Slowly they reveal the parts of the mystery.

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