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Welcome to the Sticks 2008 / Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis film review

Welcome to the Sticks 2008 film review

Welcome to the Sticks (2008, France)

Original title
Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis
Running time
106 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ 6 / 10

Postmaster Philippe Abrams has tough time dealing with his wifes demands that he should find a position somewhere on the French Riviera. He is even so desperate that he files a request for new position stating that he is disabled. Unfortunately he screws up the interview and as punishment he is sent to the cold north part of France, a small town of Bergues, for 2 years. Since he lived his whole life in the southern France he is used to a lot of sunlight and the north part of the country seems to him the worts possible place for living. When his wife finds out where he will be sent she decides not to move with him, so completely alone he travels to Bergues. From the beginning he can’t understand the people around since they use their strange accent, he can’t understand their habits and the food seems very suspicious. But after he gets to know his co-workers he finds them fun to be with and their completely different approach to life begins to affect him. But when he comes back to his wife on weekends he has to pretend that it is terrible in Bergues. Until one day his wife decides to come with him and see his sad life in the north.

Simple French comedy that could apply to most countries in the world, where people from different parts of country think that their approach to life is the right one and everyone else is strange. The punishment for Philippe Abrams changes his life when he opens up to more relaxed life in Bergues. Perhaps not very original idea, but well written and well played.

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Welcome to the Sticks 2008 add comment

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Watch Welcome to the SticksWatch Welcome to the Sticks

Creators of Welcome to the Sticks

Dany Boon films

Dany Boon


Dany Boon films

Dany Boon


Alexandre Charlot films

Alexandre Charlot


Franck Magnier films

Franck Magnier


Cast of Welcome to the Sticks

Kad Merad films

Kad Merad

as Philippe Abrams

Dany Boon films

Dany Boon

as Antoine Bailleul

Anne Marivin films

Anne Marivin

as Annabelle Deconninck

Philippe Duquesne films

Philippe Duquesne

as Fabrice Canoli

Guy Lecluyse films

Guy Lecluyse

as Yann Vandernoout

Zoe Felix films

Zoe Felix

as Julie Abrams

Jerome Commandeur films

Jerome Commandeur

as Inspector Lebic

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