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Conversation Piece 1974 / Gruppo di famiglia in un interno film review

Conversation Piece 1974 film review

Conversation Piece (1974, Italy)

Original title
Gruppo di famiglia in un interno
Running time
121 minutes
Italian, French
Our rating
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 7 / 10

The film begins with the electrocardiographic examination of the Professor. He is old and lonely, he lives in a palace symbolizing his own grave. Around him are favorite paintings, many collections of family portraits, English conversation pieces from the eighteenth century. The same environment we see in the film. But the palace is entered, and better to say invaded, by known and suspicious characters: forever young mother with a lover, two sinful children, a lover. Each of these characters refers to another Visconti movie or to the actual character (eg. King Louis II). At this moment, the palace is filled with motion and bustle, as if life entered the dying interior. The professor on one hand rejects their presence, and on the other, these motivational characters attract him. Actually there is no real action here, especially at the end of the film, when the camera shows pictures and still people in portraits - a crowd of people once living and now frozen in motion. It is as if the people gathered in the final judgement. The professor talks about his life and waits until his own death comes.

This film, like all of Visconti’s great works, concentrates on people, but above all on death. It is noteworthy that Burt Lancaster played the main character in this film, who in his early career gained fame in the western movies, but in Visconti’s films his acting skills shone the most. This is not the only film of that director in which he starred - it is worth mentioning, for instance, that Lancaster made a splendid part in the movie "Lampart."

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Creators of Conversation Piece

Luchino Visconti films

Luchino Visconti


Luchino Visconti films

Luchino Visconti


Cast of Conversation Piece

Burt Lancaster films

Burt Lancaster

as Profesor

Helmut Berger films

Helmut Berger

as Konrad Huebel

Silvana Mangano films

Silvana Mangano

as Bianca Brumonti

Claudia Marsani films

Claudia Marsani

as Lietta Brumonti

Claudia Cardinale films

Claudia Cardinale

as Profesor wife

Dominique Sanda films

Dominique Sanda

as Profesor mother

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Conversation Piece 1974 add comment