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Willem Dafoe film reviews

Willem Dafoe

American actor



as Sgt. Elias

How to Be Loved 1986

Young recruit sent to Vietnam learns that the war isn’t the idealistic battle of good and evil - it is battle between evil and evil.


Flight of the Intruder

as Lieutenant Virgil Cole

How to Be Loved 1991

During Vietnam War American pilots, frustrated with their orders, plan a risky mission to hit the target in the heart of North Vietnam capital city, Hanoi.


The Reckoning

as Martin

How to Be Loved 2002

The travelling acting troupe arrives to a town in which young boy is just being buried and a woman is about to be executed for killing him. But not everything is what it looks like in this story.


Inside Man

as Captain John Darius

How to Be Loved 2006

Bank heist takes strange turns one after another - police officers are buffled.


The Grand Budapest Hotel

as Jopling

How to Be Loved 2014

Legendary concierge from luxury Grand Budapest Hotel in fictious Zubrowka accidentally gets involved in the intrigue involving politics and money.

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