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Barbarella 1968 film review

Barbarella 1968 film review

Barbarella (1968, France)

Running time
98 minutes
English / French
Our rating
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 7 / 10

In a very distant future, the title character of the movie, Barbarella, is an interstellar agent and a very attractive woman. She comes from a distant planet and is unfamiliar with the terrestrial feelings and the way they are communicated, even sex. Her new assignment is to find a mad scientist Durand on one of the planets and take away his secret weapon or at least destroy Durand. The film tells the story of Barbarella’s subsequent adventures in her various planetary travels. There are various adventures, most of them of erotic nature, but also she meets bloodthirsty children and their dolls-robots, and she finds herself between the rebellious revolutionary forces. Barbarella finds her target on the planet Lython and is trapped by Durand. He uses his Excessive Machine to torture her - the machine should finish Barbarella through endless orgasms.

The science-fiction film of 1968 may seem primitive and ridiculous, but it should be watched with a grain of salt. In addition, it is a movie with many erotic elements, which in 1968 was not usual in cinema. The value of the film is, above all, a great director and the actors, not just the main characters. Jane Fonda as Barbarella is hilarious and very convincing in her role, at that time she was Roger Vadim’s wife. But the rest of the cast also performs well. The whole scenery is very artificial and simple, but it was supposed to be - after all, the film was based on a comic book. A quirky, light, pleasant film with great music, good to improve your mood.

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Barbarella 1968 add comment
Barbarella 1968 add comment
Barbarella 1968 add comment