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Telly Savalas film reviews

Telly Savalas

American actor


Battle of the Bulge

as Sgt. Guffy

Amadeus  1965

Based on true events surrounding the last German offensive during World War 2.


The Dirty Dozen

as Archer Maggott

Amadeus  1967

Twelve American soldiers sentenced to death for their crimes are given a chance to avoid being executed if they will join the suicidal mission behind enemy lines.


Kelly’s Heroes

as Sgt. Big Joe

Amadeus  1970

American soldier from recon unit learns about gold bars kept in an abandoned bank behind the enemy lines. With the chaos around he simply can’t help the temptation to reach for them.


Capricorn One

as Albain

Amadeus  1978

NASA prepares the take-off of manned mission to Mars, but how the crew members will soon discover it will not be in any way missino similiar to previous ones.


Escape to Athena

as Zeno

Amadeus  1979

Prisoners on the Greek island plan to escape by... breaking into German military base.


The Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission

as Major Wright

Amadeus  1988

Again 12 prisoners sentenced to death penalty are chosen to take part in suicidal mission behind enemy lines. Another sequel to classic Dirty Dozen.

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