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Amadeus 1984 film review

Amadeus  1984 film review

Amadeus (1984, United States)

Running time
160 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 7 / 10

The film tells the story of the last 10 years of Mozart’s life told by his rival - the composer Salieri. Salieri describes how when Mozart came to Vienna, he immediately recognized the greatness of his musical genius. But despite this, or rather precisely because of this talent of Mozart, Salieri did anything to harm his career. As a result of his machinations the works of Mozart lost the audience, and Mozart was forced to accept the anonymously commissioned order to write a requiemm that was in fact ordered by Salieri. Because of this work Mozart died at the age of 35. Mozart in this film is a fascinating, full of energy, slightly immature boy, who enjoys life, and above all the music, while his rival Salieri, deeply religious and inward-looking, thinks primarily about his career, recognition, career and seeks to obtain them at all price.

The film does not necessarily reflect the historical facts, but it is well made and well played. One reviewer even wrote that he prefers to remember Mozart, such as in this film, not like biographers describe him. The film won deservedly 8 Oscars and other awards. But in this film, the main character is the music of Mozart, not only for those who like this kind of classical music.

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its just an urban legend
sulky (12-02-2023 22:27:27)

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Amadeus  1984 add comment

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Creators of Amadeus

Milos Forman films

Milos Forman


Peter Shaffer films

Peter Shaffer


Cast of Amadeus

Tom Hulce films

Tom Hulce

as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

F. Murray Abraham films

F. Murray Abraham

as Antonio Salieri

Elizabeth Berridge films

Elizabeth Berridge

as Constanze Mozart

Simon Callow films

Simon Callow

as Emanuel Schikaneder

Roy Dotrice films

Roy Dotrice

as Leopold Mozart

Christine Ebersole films

Christine Ebersole

as Katerina Cavalieri

Jeffrey Jones films

Jeffrey Jones

as Emperor Joseph II

Amadeus  1984 add comment
Amadeus  1984 add comment
Amadeus  1984 add comment
Amadeus  1984 add comment
Amadeus  1984 add comment
Amadeus  1984 add comment
Amadeus  1984 add comment