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Peppermint Frappe 1967 / Peppermint Frappé film review

Peppermint Frappe 1967 film review

Peppermint Frappe (1967, Spain)

Original title
Peppermint Frappé
Running time
62 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 7 / 10

The film is set in the bourgeois environment of Spain during General Franco era. The main character is physician Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez, who has a hypocritical personality and also sexual inhibition. One day he meets his childhood friend, Pablo, who has married a much younger woman. Jose feels attracted to beautiful Elena, especially since he thinks they have met once before and he still remembers that impression. At first it seems that Elena is falling for him, but it is only a false pretence, and Jose’s interest in her becomes obsessession. Because Jose can not get her, he starts transforming his medical help, Ana, into a copy of Elena. Ana is in love with her employer and willingly agrees to his ideas, not quite understanding what they mean to Jose.

This is the first film that Carlos Saura made with Geraldine Chaplin. She plays both female roles in the movie, Ana and Elena. Then Geraldine Chaplin became Saura’s wife and starred in many of his movies. The film was well developed and beautifully directed, although rather in the convention of horror than the drama. There is a great atmosphere and the actors gave great performances, especially the main character, well-chosen for this role Geraldine. There are also some humoristic accents and a lot of strange and grotesque scenes. This film is considered to be the first of the three parts of the so-called "the family trilogy", which Saura made together with Geraldine Chaplin. But this film drew attention to Saura among foreign critics and audience outside Spain.

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Peppermint Frappe 1967 add comment
Peppermint Frappe 1967 add comment

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Watch Peppermint Frappe

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Peppermint Frappe

Creators of Peppermint Frappe

Carlos Saura films

Carlos Saura


Carlos Saura films

Carlos Saura


Rafael Azcona films

Rafael Azcona


Angelino Fons films

Angelino Fons


Cast of Peppermint Frappe

Geraldine Chaplin films

Geraldine Chaplin

as Ana

Jose Luis  Lopez Vazquez films

Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez

as Julian

Alfredo Mayo films

Alfredo Mayo

as Pablo

Geraldine Chaplin films

Geraldine Chaplin

as Elena

Ana Maria Custodio films

Ana Maria Custodio

as Julian’s mother

Peppermint Frappe 1967 add comment
Peppermint Frappe 1967 add comment
Peppermint Frappe 1967 add comment