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Donald Sutherland film reviews

Donald Sutherland

American actor

17 July 1935
in Saint JohnNew BrunswickCanada


The Bedford Incident

as Hospitalman Nerney

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1965

During Cold War American destroyer is hunting Russian submarine in the Arctic area.


The Dirty Dozen

as Vernon Pinkley

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1967

Twelve American soldiers sentenced to death for their crimes are given a chance to avoid being executed if they will join the suicidal mission behind enemy lines.


Kelly’s Heroes

as Sgt. Oddball

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1970

American soldier from recon unit learns about gold bars kept in an abandoned bank behind the enemy lines. With the chaos around he simply can’t help the temptation to reach for them.



as Hawkeye Pierce

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1970

In 1951 two surgeons arrive to Korea torn by the war. They are to be part of the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) unit located near the front line. Now they have to adapt to life within army and in constant flood of casualties.


Johnny Got His Gun

as Christ

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1971

A young American volunteers to join the World War 1. The explosion of the bomb almost turns him into a vegetable, but Johnny is still alive, still have feeling and still can think.



as John Klute

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1971

Klute in the title is John Klute, a private detective. He investigates the mysterious disappearance of his friend Tom, the only clues he has are the letters that Tom wrote to a prostitute called Bree Daniels.


Don’t Look Now

as John Baxter

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1973

After tragic death of their daughter a married couple moves to Venice, where John will be restoring old church. The later events will make him question his own sanity.


The Eagle Has Landed

as Liam Devlin

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1976

German commandos set for England to capture Winston Churchill.


Blood Relatives

as Steve Carella

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1978

In the rainy night teenage girl covered in blood turns up on the police station saying that her sister has just been killed.


Murder by Decree

as Robert Lees

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1979

Sherlock Holmes gets involved in the Jack the Ripper investigation.


Eye of the Needle

as Faber

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1981

German spy discovers the secret of Allies preparations for D-Day and is desperate to pass the information to Berlin in time.



as Sgt. Peasy

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1985

Fur trapper, who tries to keep away from politics, gets dragged into the American Revolution. To save his son he joins the army and follows the troops that are about to face the British.


Eminent Domain

as Josef Borski

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1990

High level politburo member in communist Poland suddenly loses his influence and in followed by secret service. He tries to figure out what happened.



Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1991

Based on a true story of investigation in the case of John F. Kennedy assassination.


Citizen X

as Col. Mikhail Fetisov

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1995

True story of of Soviet first and most terrifying serial killers - Andrei Chikatilo.


Path to War

as Clark M. Clifford

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2002

After elections US president Lyndon B. Johnson hopes not to get involved in Vietnam conflict, but his advisors steer him towards more and more extreme solutions to the South East Asia problem.


The Eagle

as Uncle Aquila

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2011

Son of Roman centurion sets to Scotland in order to retrieve the legion golden eagle and restore the honor of his father.


The Best Offer

as Billy Whistler

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2013

Elderly art expert takes up a new job cataloging the large art collection for mysterious woman he haven’t seen.

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