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Sean Bean film reviews

Sean Bean

British actor


The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

as Boromir

Fame 2001

Frodo Baggins learns that the ring that was left by his uncle is the Ring of Power that can give him unlimited power in Middle-Earth. But the original lord of that ring will not rest until he will get it back.



as Partridge

Fame 2002

To stop human kind from fighting again the special drug called Prozium was invented - taken each day it stops people from having any feelings.



as Odysseus

Fame 2004

King Agamemnon joins forces with his brother Menelaus in order to get revenge and bring the beautiful Helena back to Greece. But to reach their target they have to attack the Troy.



as Captain Rich

Fame 2005

During transatlantic flight Kyle Pratt falls asleep. When she wakes up her daughter is gone and people around try to convince her she was alone when they took off.


Age of Heroes

as Major Jack Jones

Fame 2011

British commandos unit on the mission in Norway to gather informations about German radar installations. Story based on real events that involved famous author Ian Fleming.

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