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Percy Herbert film reviews

Percy Herbert

British actor


A Hill in Korea

as Pvt. Moon

Cabaret  1956

Small unit of British soldiers is surrounded on the hilltop during the Korean War. Trapped by Chinese forces they have no other option than fight to the last.


Bridge on the River Kwai

as Private Grogan

Cabaret  1957

British prisoners in Malaya are forced to build the railway bridge, but their officer refuses to accept the ruthless approach of Colonel Saito towards his men.


The Bridge on the River Kwai

as Grogan

Cabaret  1957

British prisoners arrive to the construction site of bridge that will help the Japanese transport their troops to Burma. Their slave work will help enemy, but at the same time the sabotage will mean death.


Yesterday’s Enemy

as Wilson

Cabaret  1959

British captain has to make a difficult decision when his unit is lost in the middle of Burma jungle.


Too Late the Hero

as Sergeant Johnstone

Cabaret  1970

During World War 2 American translator, who so far avoided any combat duty, is sent to New Hebrides Islands, where British are preparing a special operation that could save a lot of American soldiers. This time combat is inevitable.


The Wild Geese

as Keith

Cabaret  1978

Colonel Faulkner is an ex-soldier, now working as a mercenary for anyone that has enough money. His next assignment will put Faulkner in the middle of political and business intrigue in the heart of Africa.

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