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Alec Guinness film reviews

Alec Guinness

British actor


The Lavender Hill Mob

as Dutch Holland

Cabaret  1951

Henry Holland, a bank clerk, after 20 years of dealing with the transport of gold bullion, decides to take one of the cargoes for himself and smuggle the gold into France. A brilliant plan goes well... almost to the end.


Bridge on the River Kwai

as Lieutenant colonel Nicholson

Cabaret  1957

British prisoners in Malaya are forced to build the railway bridge, but their officer refuses to accept the ruthless approach of Colonel Saito towards his men.


The Bridge on the River Kwai

as Colonel Nicholson

Cabaret  1957

British prisoners arrive to the construction site of bridge that will help the Japanese transport their troops to Burma. Their slave work will help enemy, but at the same time the sabotage will mean death.


Quiller Memorandum

as Pol

Cabaret  1966

British agent is sent to Berlin in order to track down the Nazi organization called Phoenix. Two of his predecessor died during that mission, so he has to be on his toes all the time.



as King Charles I

Cabaret  1970

Oliver Cromwell becomes a leader of revolt against the unjust reign of King Charles I, the civil war that changed the England forever.

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