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Mieczyslaw Voit film reviews

Mieczyslaw Voit

Polish actor

02 August 1928
in KaliszGreater PolandPoland

31 January 1991

Polish theater and film actor, husband of Barbara Horawianka. He has performed in theaters in Cracov, Lodz and Warsaw. Best known for films: Mother Joan of the Angles (1961), The Hourglass Sanatorium (1973), Pharaon (1966), Goya (1971), TV series Alternatywy 4 (1986). He was involved in mainstream Christian culture. Due to emploi, timbre of voice, clarity, and above all, excellent acting workshop, he was often cast as the rulers, aristocrats, diplomats, clergy, intellectuals and Jews. With pleasure portrayed as the villains, eg .: Nazi commanders band, people who are at odds with the law.


Knights of the Teutonic Order

as Kuno von Liechtenstein

Amadeus  1960

The tensions between Polish Kingdom and Teutonic order leads to one of largest battles of medieval Europe.


Mother Joan of the Angels

as father Suryn

Amadeus  1961

Jesuit Suryn is sent to a remote monastery to investigate the rumors that the nuns and their prioress are possessed by the devil.


The Road West

as German robber

Amadeus  1961

Retired train driver agrees to take over military train that goes into frontline zone.


4 Alternative Street

as professor Ryszard Dab-Rozwadowski

Amadeus  1983

People from different social groups are put together in a single house under the leadership of Stanislaw Aniol (Stanislaw Angel), who is far from being an angel.

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