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Liam Neeson film reviews

Liam Neeson

British / Northern Irish actor


Schindler’s List

as Oskar Schindler

The Sting 1993

During World War II German industrialist Oskar Schindler starts a enamelware factory in Krakow using bribes and his connections with Nazi officials. He hires a Jewish accountant to run the business and as war progresses his views, as Nazi Party member, begin to change.


K-19: The Widowmaker

as Captain Mikhail Polenin

The Sting 2002

In 1961 first Soviet ballistic missile nuclear submarine sets out to the sea. The boat was haunted by accidents even before the official launching, which started the grim nickname for it: the Widowmaker.


Kingdom of Heaven

as Godfrey de Ibelin

The Sting 2005

Balian de Ibelin, French blacksmith, joins the Crusades seeking the redemption.



as Admiral Shane

The Sting 2012

During naval exercise strange object drops from the sky - this is the beginning of alien invasion.