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Kirk Douglas film reviews

Kirk Douglas

American actor

09 December 1916
in AmsterdamNew YorkUnited States


Lust for Life

as Vincent Van Gogh

The Sting 1956

The film depicts the life of Vincent van Gogh starting with his childhood and youth in the Netherlands, until his mind began to slowly sink into the depths of madness.


Paths of Glory

as Colonel Dax

The Sting 1957

After failed attack the French general demands the random soldiers to be killed as an example what happens to the cowards.


The Hook

as Sergeant Briscoe

The Sting 1963

Three soldiers are given the order to kill the prisoner they are escorting. It seems easy since he is enemy that probably just killed their friend, but in war nothing is easy.


In Harm’s Way

as Commander Paul Eddington

The Sting 1965

American navy commander gets the chance to prove his worth by preparing the attack on the Japanese-held islands.


The Heroes of Telemark

as Rolf Petersen

The Sting 1965

Norwegian resistance discovers German heavy water plant that could give Nazis the resources to build atomic bombs. Allies prepare plan to destroy the installation.


Cast a Giant Shadow

as Colonel Mickey Marcus

The Sting 1966

Former US Army colonel accepts the offer to become military advisor and helps the Israelis form their defence against upcoming Arab invasion.


The Final Countdown

as Capt. Matthew Yelland

The Sting 1980

American aircraft carrier suddenly moves back in time to the point where they can change the history of World War 2.


Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid

as Thug Boss (archive footage)

The Sting 1982

The movie combines scenes from old movies with scenes filmed today so that together they would form a meaningful whole... although usually different meaning than in the original.


Tough Guys

as Archie Long

The Sting 1986

Two criminals leave prison on parole after serving a 30-years sentences, but the world outside has changed dramatically. Nevertheless they will try to do what they did best - rob a train.

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