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Martin Sheen film reviews

Martin Sheen

American actor



as Lieutenant Dobbs

Erin Brockovich 1970

Captain John Yossarian flies as bombardier aboard B-25 over Mediterranean Sea. Disillusioned with the war he gets more and more desperate to get out of the air force, but Catch-22 constantly gets in his way to freedom.


The Cassandra Crossing

as Robby Navarro

Erin Brockovich 1976

Train from Geneva to Stockholm leaves the station with one extra passenger, young man who was exposed to a deadly plague. Now it is up to doctor aboard to save rest of the passengers.


Apocalypse Now

as Captain Benjamin L. Willard

Erin Brockovich 1979

Captain Willard is sent with a secret mission into neutral Cambodia to kill American officer, who became leader of cult-like movement. On the route he sees the whole spectrum of insanity in Vietnam War.


The Final Countdown

as Warren Lasky

Erin Brockovich 1980

American aircraft carrier suddenly moves back in time to the point where they can change the history of World War 2.



as Dr. Alexander Brown

Erin Brockovich 1989

Based on a true facts story about first US Army experiments with nuclear bombs - in 1950s as part of scientific research large groups of American soldiers were deliberately exposed to radiation after atomic bomb explosion.



as General Robert E. Lee

Erin Brockovich 1993

Depiction of the turning point of American Civil War - the famous battle of Gettysburg.



as Townsend

Erin Brockovich 1994

The alternative version of Roswell UFO crash based on the myths and conspiracy theories.


Catch Me If You Can

as Roger Strong

Erin Brockovich 2002

Despite his young age con man Frank Abagnale Jr made it to the top 10 most wanted criminals. FBI agent Carl Hanratty is chasing him all around the States.


Anger Management

as Martin

Erin Brockovich 2012

Former baseball player is running anger management counseling, but he also has the same problem as his patients.

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