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Dennis Quaid film reviews

Dennis Quaid

American actor


Jaws 3

as Mike Brody

The Sting 1983

Another incarnation of original Jaws - this time huge shark is attacking tourists in amusement park in Florida.


The Alamo

as Sam Houston

The Sting 2004

Texas militia men in their famous last stand in the mission of Alamo. Based on true events.


The Day After Tomorrow

as Jack Hall

The Sting 2004

Scientists try to warn the society that global warming can have devastating effects, but when politicians realize that it is already too late.



as Payton

The Sting 2009

Two officers wake up from hibernation aboard the spaceship, but neither of them recalls why they are here or what is their mission. But behind the closed door they gonna find answers to more questions.



as Aidan Breslin

The Sting 2009

Recently widowed police detective faces a serial killer, who uses the biblical Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as inspiration.

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