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The Hell of ’63 2009 / De hel van ’63 film review

The Hell of ’63 2009 film review

The Hell of ’63 (2009, Netherlands)

Original title
De hel van ’63
Running time
110 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 7 / 10

The whole Holland is excited because after 7 years the long distance skating tour known as Elfstedentocht (Eleven Cities Tour) will be held again. Skating being the national sport of Holland brings many contestants, but not many of them are able to finish the 200 km tour, thus those who will reach the finish line are awarded with silver cross. The race is held only if the whole tour has equally good conditions for skating and in 1963 there were doubts, but the pressure from television and the royal family forced the committee to go on with the race. Over 10000 people signed up for the race and through eyes of few of them we see how this sport event influenced their lives. One of them needed the cross to become owner of the farm, another to prove his wife that he can reliable, another deserted from army to take part in the event, young girl wanted to get the cross for her boyfriend, who died preparing for the Elfstedentocht. When the race has started the weather has changed and low temperatures, strong wind and snow begun to eliminate the contestants.

Interesting drama based on the real events that took place in 1963, when from over 10000 contestants only 96 reached the finish line, while over 1600 were hospitalized with injuries. Well written script and realistic images make this movie quite interesting even for people, who are not interested in skating.

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The Hell of ’63 2009 add comment
The Hell of ’63 2009 add comment

Watch The Hell of ’63

Watch The Hell of ’63Watch The Hell of ’63

Creators of The Hell of ’63

Steven de Jong films

Steven de Jong


Steven de Jong films

Steven de Jong


Maarten Lebens films

Maarten Lebens


Jean Ummels films

Jean Ummels


Cast of The Hell of ’63

Lourens van den Akker films

Lourens van den Akker

as Sjoerd

Cas Jansen films

Cas Jansen

as Henk Brenninkmeijer

Chris Zegers films

Chris Zegers

as Kees Ferwerda

Chava Voor in t Holt films

Chava Voor in t Holt

as Annemiek

Rense Westra films

Rense Westra

as Jan Hoogland

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